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Hello, my name is Massimo CERBERA, I was born in 1970 in Taranto (Italy), where currently I'm mainly based.

Since early my adolescence I manifested a strong aptitude for the visual arts, expressed continuously in the drawing. In 1987, the massive influence of Japanese animation, which already from the early '70s fills the schedules of the italian national TV, led me to create a short and rudimentary animation films. As a teenager, I'm get closer to the photograph to the movies, devoting significant resources to experimentation, to search a personal style, unique, and non-compliant, often referring to a reinterpretation of the expressionist currents and futurist of '900 of which I was fascinated; I then embarked a path aimed at the study of avant-garde techniques, composition, lighting scenarios; I started some collaboration with any agency, for the realization of photojournalism and fotobooks.

In 1996 I directed my first short film "Infinite Regression". The film shot in Super8, is a concentrate of the experimental technique and creative expression and personal narrative, it's characterized by a dynamic, essential, sought a photograph, combined with the use of the film orthochromatic B / W by high contrast. In '90 the available digital technologies, open up new scenarios and creative workflows, CGI began to integrate in audio-visual projects. Today,I'm engaged on distinct fronts: as a freelancer director or cinematographer, working with productions, organizations and individual professionals, making video clips, shortmovies, feature films, Vfx projects; as owner of "ILLUSIA Film Studio" the film company. My projects as independent are characterized and identified in the “visionary worlds”, psychics, interpreters of a subjective path strongly introspective and emerging, from which it derives essentialism, based on the use of a rational narrative, blended by an aesthetic acute and cleaned from chromatic minimalism, often accompanied by electronic loops sought, all without turning away from the communicative function and strong impact psycho-emotive.